EU4ART—Logo Design Contest for Students, Apply Till May 22, 2020

The EU4ART Alliance for Common Fine Arts Curriculum is challenging students to design a logo for the initiative.

  • About the EU4ART Alliance

The goal of EU4ART Alliance is to establish a fine arts European University curriculum and address challenges related to common curricula development and various fine art discipline modules. The EU4ART Alliance has the mandate to foster institutional collaboration at an unprecedented level, thus ensuring that is carried out in a systematic, structured and sustainable manner.

The EU4ART Alliance for Common Fine Arts Curriculum aims to create an international student network to encourage an exchange different perspectives, fresh insights and ideas in a positive and meaningful way. The EU4ART Alliance intends to bolster cooperation between institutions, their students and staff. The goal is to create a flexible fine arts curriculum by 2025, which will allow students to personalize their education by choosing when, where and what to study to earn their European degree.  Learn more about the EU4ART Alliance here.

The initiative is a collaborative project between the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, the Academy of Fine Arts of Rome, the Art Academy of Latvia and the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts, supervised by the European Commission’s (EC) Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA).

The EU4ART Alliance for Common Fine Arts Curriculum initiative has been granted 3-year funding from the Erasmus+ program.

  • Online registration form:
    EU4ART Alliance Logo Design Contest Entry Form
  • Deadline
  • Prize
    First place – 1000 EURO.
    Second place – 500 EURO.
    Third place receives an award certificate.
  • Results
    All prize winners will be announced on 5th June.