As an action in the EU4ART Alliance project, we intend to have students and academics from each alliance partners benefit even more from the added value of cross-border cooperation under the Erasmus+ programme and promote bottom-up involvement of ideas for cross-border interventions across languages and disciplines to address challenges and skills shortages faced in flagship initiatives of the EU’s ambitions to build a European Education Area.

To fulfil this action, we will further develop the regional capacity to assist the development of cross-border initiatives led by the EU4ART Alliance, associated by researchers and partners from european Europe’s best known art museums, such as the States Museums of Saxony or the Ludwig Foundation in Budapest and regional actors like the city City of Dresden Graphic art workshops and Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art.

The project’s trans-nationality and in particular its provision of opportunities for mobility and cooperation between the partner institutions and their wider cultural environments bring substantial benefits to students, teaching staff and broader communities.

Project Objectives:

  1. Methodological renewal of fine arts studio practice;
  2. Revealing of the best practices for art technique workshops (with the focus on historic art techniques), mutual adopting;
  3. Curating exhibitions;,
  4. Mediation to the public/society (with thematical focus on European values and diversity and with methodological focus on documenting teaching processes, art specific evaluation, display of art results)

Project Activities:

– Exploration of Fine Arts education and the regional situation of culture at partner level and in the context of the Alliance;.

– Setting up a common documentation methodology;

– Documentation of work in the workshops and methodological description;

– Creating common manuals for pedagogical methodology;

– Personal study of the work carried out at the workshops and studios of the other partners, obtaining experiences, expansion of the instrumentarium of pedagogical methodology;

– Organisation of symposium/conference concerning theoretical, cultural and practical issues related to fine arts education;

– Creation of works of art for exhibition, administration of regional thematic exhibitions;

– Drafting documentation on exhibitions, their analysis

– Creating of works of art for exhibition, administration of international exhibitions;

– Closing conference, summarising experiences, drafting studies.

Together with the EU4ART Alliance art students and other stakeholders can nurture their sensibility to diverse art technique traditions in Europe including those of minorities and marginalised cultures within nation states.

Beyond similarities artistic processes priorities the exploitation of a diverse approaches and opportunities for technical implementation. Art workshops are the backbone and engine of art study, the bridge from historical knowledge to the present and future. In this way, the network represents a quantum leap for art in higher education in terms of quality, outcomes, appeal and competitiveness.