Our project group enters into exchange with different approaches to Artistic Research. Our aim is considered achieved when the pool of ideas and bright minds results in tangible structures for a graduate program at all partner universities, a common R&I agenda, a continuing educational program for students and postgraduates, and a repository for Artistic Research projects. To make theses efforts even more fruitful, interfaces and collaborations with local and European research projects, civil society actors and startups from the cultural and creative scene are particularly important.

  • Are you a student at a partner university with a doctorate project?
  • Are you researching or teaching on our topic and want to get into exchange with or through our European university network?
  • Are you an active player in the cultural and creative scene and interested in a joint event?
If you have good ideas or know of exciting projects, let us think together.

EU4ART_differences project website:

Work Package
"R&I Agenda and Transfer to Citizens and Society"

Work Package
"Project Management"

Work Package
"Fine Arts Lab Establishment"

Work Package
"The Creative Eco-System"

Work Package
"Dissemination & Sustainability"

photo Till Ansgar Baumhauer
photo claudia reichert
Photo: Ádám Albert
Franco Ripa di Meana
Photo: Janis Gailitis
Till Ansgar Baumhauer

Speaker & WP Lead

Claudia Reichert

Project Manager & WP Lead

Ádám Albert

WP Lead

Franco Ripa di Meana

LWP Lead

Jānis Gailītis

WP Lead