Both our alliance and the European Commission are convinced that there is a great need for further strengthening the perspectives of fine arts as a culturally, socially and scientifically engaged approach towards a transdisciplinary discourse on society, knowledge and thinking. Especially the field of Artistic Research is here a main access to exchange and transformation at the European university level. In summer 2020, we applied for Horizon 2020 funding with our concept EU4ART_differences – Artistic Research in Europe and we were successful. Today, we are among the 17 European higher education alliances that will develop new programs for graduate students and researchers with additional funding.

This project is led by the HfBK Dresden in close cooperation with EU4ART. Since January 2021, the project team has been building structures for cross-university collaboration for a duration of at least three years. The project differences focuses on the notion of artistic research as a topic that has become very important not only for art academies and universities, but also for larger fields of science-art cooperations in recent years. For art academies, it can make relevant contributions in its diversity to the connection between art and research in the sciences context, but also to the interfaces between artistic practice and social issues.

The project plan is outlined by a common research & innovation agenda, best practices for research infrastructures, strategies to increase the impact of our research agendas and the involvement of citizens, civil society and other institutions in research and innovation.

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