EU4ART Alliance is committed to underlining and strengthening the essential importance of art in the development of a European identity and to bringing this cultural diversity to the public.
The alliance is further dedicated to examining the demands that the 21st century places on artistic teaching and to generating mutual solutions in light of individual traditions. Cooperation and the sharing of best practices aim to expand partner universities’ existing infrastructure and knowledge. Comprehensive compatibility between the institutions will be established by comparing existing curricula and the establishment of shared courses.
The formal basis for this will be provided by a joint curriculum for fine arts and the establishment of a European workshop network for teaching and artistic practice.
The university members of all four partners are involved in a broad spectrum of cultural approaches that are not aimed at standardization, but instead take local differences into account. All those involved not only acquire knowledge, but also contribute to the richness of European culture itself.

The new curriculum will be based on an interdisciplinary and international approach, integrating innovative pedagogical methods, including digital technologies. The new curriculum will serve as a model that could be used for other European universities, with the goal of creating a European Virtual University of Arts by 2025.