Artistic Research

The project differences focuses on the notion of Artistic Research as a topic that has become highly important for art academies and universities in recent years. For art academies, in their diversity, it can make highly relevant contributions to the connection between art and research in science and humanities, but also to the interfaces between artistic practice and social issues. It also raises the question about the possibilities of a broader concept of “insight” in comparison to “knowledge” and to artistic processes as ways of gaining insight for discourse.

In the current discussion about the multiple connections of art and research many terms with different meanings have been introduced, such as “research in the arts”, “research for the arts”, “practice-led research” or “practice-based research” which characterize specific aspects these connections. Although international arts universities are already dealing with this topic, several fundamental aspects still need urgently to be discussed. The aim of differences is to explore these open fields and, with the help of a common platform, to make them effective for artistic and academic discourse, but also for society as a whole. Also, the four universities have not been deeply involved in discourses about Artistic Research and therefore may raise new questions and perspectives.

Our plan is to create a joint long-term vision and a common interface for the exchange of knowledge especially in the third cycle of studies, to promote mobility among teachers and students and to open up new fields of activity for Artistic Research within the framework of Horizon 2020.

If you are interested in Artistic Research, you are welcome to learn more on these informative web pages.

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