Alliance of four
art academies

The EU4ART European University, created by four higher art education institutions, aims to develop a common flexible curriculum in fine arts.
The four full partners are Hungarian University of Fine Arts (Budapest), Dresden Academy of Fine Arts, Academy of Fine Arts of Rome and Art Academy of Latvia, Riga.



Our objective with our project is to contribute to the reinforcement of a consciousness of European identity and to make known and popularise the heritage and diversity of European culture, focusing on fine arts. Through our cooperation, we also aim at exploring the challenges posed by the 21st century for teaching fine arts and jointly formulate our responses thereto.


The EU4ART European University, created by four higher education institutions devoted to fine arts, aims to develop common flexible curricula in the field of painting, sculpture and graphic art. The new curricula are based on an interdisciplinary and international approach, integrating innovative pedagogical methods, including digital technologies. These new curricula will serve as a model that could be used for other European universities, with the goal of creating a European Virtual University of Arts by 2025.

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EU4ART – A unity living through diversity



This site, a joint initiative of the Hungarian University Of Fine Arts, the Dresden University of Fine Arts, the Art Academy of Latvia and the Academy of Fine Arts of Rome, has been created primarily as a tool to assist the EU4ART Alliance For Common Fine Arts Curriculum in carrying out the tasks they have been mandated to accomplish within in the framework of the Erasmus+ Programme, by directing them to up-to-date information supplied and maintained by each member organisation.

EU4ART Alliance is committed to underlining and strengthening the essential importance of art in the development of a European identity and to bringing this cultural diversity to the public.



EU4ART ‘Final Round’ in Dresden

During the first three weeks of April, the HfBK welcomes numerous guests from the partner universities in the EU4ART alliance to the project’s ‘final round’ in Dresden.

MKE@Art Market Budapest

The Hungarian University of Fine Arts for the last few years participated in the Art Market Budapest, international art fair with the aim to represent students in


MKE@Art Market Budapest

One of the highlights of Eu4art’s final programme is the presentation of the students’ works at the Art Market International Art Festival. The art fair,

WP2 meeting at the HUFA

In November of 2021 the WP2, the innovation research laboratory held a technical meeting at the HUFA. They took part in the event series of

Super S – Group exhibition HUFA

The Super S group exhibition is based on the short-term mobility programs at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts. The workshops allowed international students to

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