EU4ART ‘Final Round’ in Dresden

April 4, 2023

12:00 am

During the first three weeks of April, the HfBK welcomes numerous guests from the partner universities in the EU4ART alliance to the project’s ‘final round’ in Dresden. The programme consists of presentations within individual classes by students, various guided tours though the workshops and studios, as well as the anatomical collection and the archive.  In addition, the international guests from the partner universities will offer some lectures and collaborative workshops together with the workshop leaders on site for HfBK students. 

In the first week, the colleagues from Riga will visit the graphic workshops at the Brühlsche Terrace, including the screen printing workshop and the workshop for etching: In the workshop ‘Photography as a visual note for printmaking’ by Sabīne Vekmane-Ābele and Guntars Sietiņš from Riga are cooperating with Irina Claußnitzer & Dietmar Günther. They focus on alternative methods for tranfering photographs onto printing plates, e.g. copper plates or lithography stones. This will be followed by the workshop ‘Presentation and Demonstration of Copperplate Engraving’. Here Reinis Gailitis from Riga will give a historical and practical insight into the technique of copperplate engraving and its relevance in the 21st century. 

In the second week, Pietro Mottola will be visiting the class of Carsten Nicolai: the lecture ‘The Art of Noises: from Luigi Russolo to John Cage

‘ in cooperation with Jacob Korn on 12.4. at 2 pm in the class’ studio is open to all students. The workshop ‘Charcoal drawing on canvas – Nude Drawing’ by Veronika Voļska & Reinis Liepa from the Art Academy of Latvia, Riga in cooperation with Kristof Grunert & Maja Drachsel introduces students to the basics of charcoal drawing. In cooperation with Christiane Oertel & Dorothee Billard, the workshop ‘Baltic 90ties kid in Nowdays artist body’ by Kristaps Andersons from Riga deals with the philosophy of maieutics. He will give an introductory lecture on 12.4. at 4 p.m. in the Mensa. In the field of sculpture, Ábel Kotormán from HUFA Budapest offers the wax modelling workshop ‘The modular structure of the human body ‘ together with Toralf Mjetk in the metal workshop on the grounds of Pfotenhauerstraße. In cooperation with the class of Christian Sery, the lecture ‘Budapest Horror’ by László Győrffy will take place on Thursday, 13.4. at 10:30 am in the lecture hall on Güntzstraße. Budapest Horror is a trend in Hungarian contemporary art that has been developing over the last ten years and deals with the dissolution of the human body. 

In the third week of April, the Italian artist Oriana Impei from Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma will be a guest at the Pfotenhauerstraße location. Together with Prof. Barbara Wille, she is offering a one-week workshop on classical sculpting techniques with sandstone. In this context, she will also give a lecture on Sculpture Parks in Italy on the 19.04. at Aktsaal. 

In cooperation with Prof. Kristin Marek & Prof. Stefanie Wenner from the theory department, Ketty Di Tardo & Miriam Mirolla will give a lecture on ‘Interaction – from Psychology of Art to Architecture and Design’ on 17.4. at 17:30 in the lecture hall at Güntzstraße.

We are looking forward to a month of intensive exchange in diverse areas of the Fine Arts as an end of the pilot phase of the EU4ART project.