Media Library

EU4ART has set itself the task of promoting not only physical, but also digital and virtual formats, which makes new spaces for art and art education possible.


Here you will find tutorials that are devoted to artistic practice.

Anatomy Tutorial – Assembling a Pig Skeleton

Anatomy Tutorial – From the Skull to the Head

Anatomy Tutorial – From the Skeleton to the Body

Bookbinding Tutorial – Japanese Stab Binding

Bookbinding Tutorial – Coptic Binding

Bookbinding Tutorial – Textbook Binding

EU4ART Events & Projects

In addition to the establishment of joint teaching offerings, such as online lectures and tutorials, the testing of digital and virtual formats opens up new possibilities for presentation, participation and involvement.

Existence Chapter 2: Traces – An exhibition within EU4ART in the Oktogon, the art gallery of the HfBK Dresden. More information go to events.

Find out more about artistic processes and events in our member institutions.