Existence Chapter 2: Traces

Existence Chapter 2: Traces

December 12, 2020

12:00 am

An exhibition in the framework of EU4ART with works by teachers, students, graduates of the art academies of Budapest, Dresden, Riga, Rome and guests.

The exhibition Existence Chapter 2: Traces is intended to continue the exhibition series on “Existence”, that started in 2018.

12.12.2020 – 06.06.2021

Curator: Susanne Greinke

After the first exhibition (the first chapter) was intended as a pictorial stocktaking and first approach to the concept of existence, the second exhibition (the second chapter) of this series is dedicated to the theme of the trace. Traces can be found everywhere: as legacies, remains, tracks and markings, adaptations, residues or as evidence of use. They refer to an existence, to something that is absent or no longer fully present. Traces have a temporal and spatial dimension, are of natural or cultural origin and point to existing or already past existences or events. 

The 80 artistic contributions were selected from 170 proposals. Through works and their coming together in the exhibition, associative spaces on the theme of trace are created.

All media are represented: Painting and graphics, photography and video to sculptural and performative works.

Since the current situation makes it impossible for the public to visit the exhibition, the exhibition sleeps. And it dreams. 

Existence Chapter 2 – Exhibition Film

Sophie Altmann, Selin Acarbas, Simone Bacco, Lisa Marie Baier, Martin Bertelmann, Antje Blumenstein, Roland Boden, Melo Börner, Monika Brandmeier, Rita Ligcilina Broka, Jan Brokof, Flaminia Cicerchia, Ginevra Collini, Annedore Dietze, Lena Dobner, Bianka Dobó, Markus Döhne, Maja Drachsel, Alexander Endrullat, Darja Eßer, Robert Frenzel, Mona Sophia Freudenreich, Mira Friedrich, Veronika Frolova, Hanna Griepentrog, Nancy Hammermeister und Lena Buhrmann, Konrad Hanke, Kitti Klaudia Harmati, Wiebke Herrmann, Andreas Hildebrandt, Dominique Hille, Nina Hoffmann, Rebekka Homann, Susanne Hopmann und Anaya Hubach, Emese Kádár, Ulrike Kampmann, Petra Kasten, Tobi Keck, Eric Keller, Ralf Kerbach, Margit Koller, Katharina Kretzschmar, Karla Krey, Mirjam Kroker, Jan Kromke, Romy Krüger, Antonia Krull und Sophia Haller, Nadja Kurz, Hanne Lange, Matthias Lehmann, Paulis Liepa, Felix Lippmann, Anna Lorenzana, Virginia Lorenzetti, Diana Ludzay, Michael Merkel, Nora Mesaros, Alexandra Müller, Ulrike Mundt, Layla Nabi, Lisa Pahlke, Marianna Panagiotoudi, Veronika Pfaffinger, Guna Poga, Mona Pourebrahim, Philipp Putzer, Katina Rank, Theresa Rothe, Alise Rudevica, Ursula und Edith Rzodeczko (Nachlass) Raiko Sanchez und Alexandra Mümmler, Mischa Sanders, Marta dal Sasso, Marten Schech, Alexandra Schewski, Elisa Schuhmann, Josephine Schulz, Lilla Judit Sipos, Angelica Speroni, Viviana Stanislavska, Tobias Stengel, Ruth Unger, Laura Urbanski, Barbara Wille, Markus Wirthmann, Agnes Wrobel und Elise Beutner, Hamidreza Yaraghchi, Tanja Zimmermann, Frank Zitzmann

What is currently going on in the Oktogon.Kunsthalle of the HfBK Dresden! TRACKS! LET’S START!!!

Camera: David Scheffler | Drone camera Operator: Stefan Noack | Editing & Sound: Karla Krey

Existence Chapter 2: Traces (Oktogon, art gallery of the HfBK Dresden, Pentagon east and west)
Oktogon (art gallery of the HfBK Dresden) from above
TAKE OFF – flight through the Oktogon (art gallery of the HfBK Dresden)
TRAILER 1 – Existence Chapter 2: Traces, Oktogon (art gallery of the HfBK Dresden)

Type: exhibition

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