Our Alliance

At the heart of EU4ART, four renowned European art academies are joining forces to address the most relevant research questions and pressing concerns arising from the education pathway that leads potential artists from school to university to professional life in the European Union. EU4ART Alliance has established a common structure to share art technique, specific knowledge and practical experience. EU4ART Alliance serves as a think-tank, supporting the development of policy and practice, and monitor the development of higher education institutions aimed at art in Europe.
In developing a European Network of Workshops for Teaching and Art Practice, EU4ART Alliance will be asking about the impacts, relevance and demands of teaching manual art techniques and traditions in an increasingly digital world. The relationship between historical techniques and the contemporary technologies and materials that are likewise taught in art academies raises issues about their specific qualities. Within this context and in addition to this EU4ART Alliance will look at the role art plays in forging continuity and defining identity, as one of the original roots of ‘European higher education’.


The project’s trans-nationality and in particular its provision of opportunities for mobility and cooperation between the partner institutions and their wider cultural environments bring substantial benefits to students, teaching staff and broader communities.
Students and other stakeholders can nurture their sensibility to diverse art technique traditions in Europe including those of minorities and marginalised cultures within nation states. Beyond similarities artistic processes prioritise the exploitation of a diverse approaches and opportunities for technical implementation. Art workshops are the backbone and engine of art study, the bridge from historical knowledge to the present and future. In this way, the network represents a quantum leap for art in higher education in terms of quality, outcomes, appeal and competitiveness.
To achieve our goals expressed in our vision EU4ART Alliance is planning the following steps:
– Creating a common flexible curriculum in the field of Fine Arts.
– Methodological renewal of training courses via common exhibitions and personal study
of the work carried out at the workshops and studios of the other partners, obtaining experiences and expanding instruments of pedagogical methodology.
– Broad networking of participants in all four institutions, focusing on the integration of workshop facilities into the local structure at different levels.
– Carrying out research in the field of ‘fine arts language’ and compiling a fine arts multilingual dictionary (verbal-visual).
– Promoting learning foreign languages for students as well as for teachers and staff.
– Developing a mentor system to facilitate mobility.


Our aim is to achieve harmonised student-centred curriculum, one for painters, one for sculptors and one for graphic artists. In order to achieve this, our alliance is testing different cooperation models for exchange of best practices, modernising the development of e-learning content and students’ mobility.
Actively encourage learning foreign languages by strengthening strategic partnerships between higher education institutions of art in Budapest, Dresden, Rome and Riga. Our alliance is removing obstacles to the recognition of qualifications, at the level of higher art education across the EU. To achieve our goal the consortium will broaden student and staff mobility & language skills in the different disciplines, going beyond the Erasmus+ exchanges, which already exist, between the members of the Alliance.