Summer School – Graphic Art

Location: Tihany

Date: 04. 01-08. 2023

The “Summer School” workshop series, jointly organised by the EU4ART partners, was a pilot programme to test the common artistic pedagogical model developed over the last three years in the picturesque setting of the MKE Tihany Artists’ Village. 

The spring workshop programme, based on a common curriculum, was organised by professors from the four partner institutions as well as professors from the new partner universities. The three 5-day workshop series were attended by students and teachers from the Graphic Arts, Painting and Sculpture Departments. The first 5 days were dedicated to graphic art.

Lecturers and teachers involved in the organisation and delivery of the workshops: 

Hungarian University of Fine Arts: Andrea Szilák, Bianka Dobó

HfBK Dresden University of Fine Arts:Kristin Marek 

Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma: Marilena Sutera

Latvijas Makslas Akademija: Anatolijs Šandurovs

University of Arts in Tirana: Harri Aleksi

Guest speaker: ANNA ZILAHI 

Students: Júlia Jakabos, Boglárka Kiss, Flóra Mike, Vivien Reining, Réka Schell, Támba Vince, Turchányi Zsófia, Marvin Dieterich, Lucia Hochmuth, Johanna Raabe, Georg Ruppelt, Patrick Hermann, Paolo Battino, Matteo Traballoni, Sara Federico, Sara Francesca Speciale, Maria Pia Ioni, Giulia Messina, Luīze Gulbe, Madara Portnaja, Annija Drungila, Lauma Norniece, Undīne Ābiķe, Arta Volbeta, KEJDA MILO, ANJEZA MEMA, ERGI BEGA, FRANC HASA, Merisa Hasrama, Besiana Mënalla, Adelajda Roçi, Iasona Noni, Marsia Kuka

During the 5-day workshop, trans-media artist Anna Zilahi gave a lecture on her own work and the Tihany-inspired project Missa Echologica (2021), followed by a musical meditation workshop. 

Anatolijs Šandurovs, professor at the University of Riga, introduced the students to the world of kitchen lithography.

László Lelkes concluded the presentations with a lecture on “The most democratic reward of the retina”.

The 5 days were rounded off by the pop-up exhibition “Open Atelier/Open Studio”.