Open Call “Our Windows”



The windows, like the real windows of a living room or like the virtual windows of the screens, have now become extremely important in our everyday life. The windows of the common rooms allow a view of the immediate surroundings and thereby collect our own experiences. The ubiquitous screens are sources of information that bring available information from the wide world into the common rooms. What can we sense now through these windows? How we get our information and what they are like?  Share your experiences, make visual notes from behind your window frames.

We expect digital works – like photos, videos, animations or gifs – or analog works’ photo documentations (if it’s a series then up to 10 pictures) connecting to the given topic.


Students from the 4 universities of the EU4ART Allianz can participate: he Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Dresden University of Fine Arts, Academy of Fine Arts in Rome and The Art Academy of Latvia


Send your works to:


You can submit your works continuously from the 27th of April till the 15th of June. You can send more works.


We’re going to share your works on our international Instagram account, and then organizing an exhibition later.