Art Academy of Latvia (AAL) Experimental Art Space “Pilot” Unveils Group Exhibition “Hard Drive of Lost Expressions”

The Art Academy of Latvia will unveil a new group exhibition – titled ‘Hard Drive of Lost Expressions’ – at the experimental art space ‘Pilot’ on 12 November.

‘Hard Drive of Lost Expressions’ marks the conclusion of the workshop cycle led by guest lecturer Marc Hulson from Central Saint Martins, the University of the Arts London. The exhibition will feature works by undergraduate and graduate students who took part in the initiative. The aim of the project was to foster interdisciplinary collaboration to provide students the opportunity to work across mediums, and thus push the limits of their personal practice.

The exhibition harnesses the energy of chance encounters and contradictions generated in the process of working together. Rather than a show of individual works, the installation is intended to be viewed as an assemblage, which draws attention to the gaps between elements – the play of tensions and serendipitous alignments.

The title of the exhibition was inspired by one of Marc Hulson’s assignments.  Each student was tasked with finding a fragment from a book and film published in Latvia, which would serve as the basis for their work. The format of the exhibition is reminiscent of a hard drive – a repository of various memories all stored in one place.  

The exhibition was organised as a part of the EU4ART project, which aims to develop new approaches in education based on an interdisciplinary and international model. The main objective of EU4ART is to raise the quality of education in Europe and to promote collaboration between institutions, students and staff. Long-term goals include creating new exchange programmes, as well as raising the level of competitiveness for educational establishments. Central Saint Martins is one of the most prestigious and progressive art schools in the world; the AAL will continue to work alongside with the institution to develop a joint curriculum for graduate-level studies.

In parallel to the exhibition, there will also be two public discussions with artists on 28 November and 5 December. Additional information can be found on the gallery’s Facebook page:

Exhibition participants: Kintija Avena / Viktorija Balašova / Aina Bikše / Kristīne Daukšte / Rute Marta Jansone / Māra Krastiņa / Madara Kvēpa / Beāte Poikāne / Liene Rumpe / Sabīne Šnē / Laura Šterna / Kristīne Upīte / Linda Vilka / Lidija Zaneripa / guest lecturer Marc Hulson/ workshop and exhibition director Līna Birzaka- Priekule/ exhibition producer Sabīne Vernere

The exhibition is supported by the State Culture Capital Foundation, the Art Academy of Latvia, and co-funded by Erasmus+ KA2 program Alliance For Common Fine Arts Curriculum EU4ART project.