EU4Art Student Board meeting 16/02/2021

The Student Board of the EU4Art Alliance meet every two weeks, on Tuesdays, from 6 pm (CET), via Zoom. If you are a student of one of the universities, you are more than welcome. For the link of the meeting please inquire at
„In these meetings we not just discuss current news from the four universities, but the Student Board decided at the beginning of this year, to have monthly topics. With these topics our aim is to get to know each other’s universities, culture and country more, which can also help us work together better”.

At the Student Board Meeting on 16th of February, students were talking about digital learning: „In the sake of sharing informations, we were talking about the various tools we are using.
Furthermore we were discussing problems and diffuculties we encountered during these special times. We found out that the most common tools are Zoom (Riga, Dresden) and Microsoft Teams (Budapest). Microsoft Teams has the advantage that besides the video option it offers a space where you can chat with fellow students and upload files. The students in Riga are also connected with some teachers via Whatsapp to upload photos of their work and get feedback.

One problem we all came across was the silence that occured in classes where everybody had turned off their cameras. This is why we want to encourage students and teachers to turn on their cameras whereby the discussion can be less anonymous and more pleasant for all.
Furthermore we all agreed on the fact that hybrid and interactive classes, in which, for example, students form smaller groups to discuss topics and present results afterwards, are evaluated as more interesting and valuable. If you are bored of sketching things at home and miss anatomy class check out this website:”