Aspects of Memory an EU4ART course

We recently launched a joint course within the framework of the EU4ART Project. Our common starting point is the complex concept of memory and how public spaces preserve these different modes of remembrance.
The course aims to map the various theoretical and practice-related issues inherent to the topic, investigate new, transgressive possibilities through the students’ insights, and transform the four art education institutions into laboratories hosting open-ended experiments. The course will run parallel with programs organised by the partner institutions, which will further nuance the foundational questions investigated during the course.

The first consultations of the course already took place at the Hungarian University of Fine Art. The course is credit-based and provides a possibility for the students to participate in individual and group work during the entire semester. We will publish our complex research –  that spans the various zones between diverse artistic practices, theoretical insights and new perspectives in art education – as a group exhibition this autumn.
The exhibition, which is planned to take place in real and virtual public space, symbolises one of the most significant aspirations of our Alliance: through the exhibition we will contribute to the reinforcement of a more open European identity and reflect on the diverse – historical, political and artistic – heritage of the partner institutions.