Open Call for Express Course – Graphic art – Photography as a visual note for printmaking


Hosted by Art Academy of Latvia. Application deadline: Sep 1st, 2021

Study Period:                           winter semester
Time frame:                             18th October. – 29th October 2021
Language:                                English
Workshop led by:                    lec. Sabīne Ābele (screen-printing), prof. Guntars Sietiņš (intaglio printing) prof. Anatolijs Šandurovs (lithography)
ECTS:                                        3 credit points
Number of students:              3 student per academy
Place:                                        the studio of the Graphic Art Department, the Art Academy of Latvia
Application deadline:             1/9/2021 to the student’s home university

Topic of the workshop: Photography as a visual note for printmaking.

Nowadays photography is widely used in art, including printmaking. What considerations lead artists to use photographs or processes of photomechanical transferring images in contemporary printmaking? The purpose of the workshop is not to introduce students to the classical and well-known historical printmaking technique – photogravure (heliogravure) or its modern derivative – photopolymer. The aim of the workshop is to acquaint students with an alternative and simple way of transferring a photograph or part of it onto a printing form, such as a copperplate or lithographic stone. The method does not require a special equipment or materials. A transferred photograph or its part can be supplemented or combined with other printmaking techniques, which offers to artists a wide range of creative solutions.

Content of the workshop:

Transferring an image to a copper plate or lithographic stone by screen printing. In the introduction lesson, students will get acquainted with a description and visual materials of the process – how to prepare an image for silk screen printing, how to transfer an image to a copper plate or limestone using liquid asphalt or etching ink. Students will then draw or photograph outdoors to create an image of their works. Further work will be continued in the printmaking studio.

  • Scanning a drawing and, if necessary, processing an image on a computer and printing on
  • Preparation of a screen, images
  • Transferring of an image onto a polished and degreased copper plate or limestone with liquid asphalt by screen
  • Spreading powdered rosin on a copper plate for creating an aquatint. Evaluation of results and discussions at the end of the workshop by teachers and all participants of the

Students are asked to bring their digital photo cameras or to use mobile phones with photo cameras.