Open Call for Express Course – Graphic art – The Soul of Places

Hosted by Academy of Fine Arts Rome. Application deadline: Sep 1st, 2021 

Study Period:                           winter semester
Time frame:                             4th October to 15th October 2021
Language:                                English
Workshop led by:                    Marilena Sutera;
Contact person:                      Angelica Speroni;                      
ECTS:                                        3 credit points
Number of students:              4 students per academy
Application deadline:             1/9/2021 to the student’s home university


The objective of the Art Graphics workshop is to carry out a work together that starts from a visit to some places in the city of Rome. Each of the four Teachers of Graphic Art of the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, participating in the workshop, will choose a place, among the many in the city, which represents part of the history of Rome and that expresses the memory of a past rich in events, historical and artistic, such as a basilica, an archaeological site, a museum, or a square. The place visited, pregnant with history, stratified in time, of an ancient and more recent past, manifesting its “soul”, can involve and “contaminate” the student, becoming a reason for reflection and inspiration for a graphic work to be developed later.

The workshop represents, therefore, a moment of dialogue between our present and what history, ancient or more recent, transmits to us with its testimonies, becoming, however, a constant reference for the creativity of the contemporary world. The workshop will take place in two moments: a first moment realized outside that will consist in the visit to the chosen places, a second moment realized inside, in the laboratories of our Academy, where the students will produce a work related to the visit.

Each Academy will be represented by four students of Graphics. The students will be able to produce their graphic work choosing between four different techniques: intaglio, experimental graphic techniques, woodcut and silkscreen.  Sustainable materials will tend to be used.

The graphic works realized by the students will compose a collective folder that will be donated to each of the four Academies as a souvenir of the common work done.