Open Call for Express Course – Painting – Personal Mythology. A Journey within.


Hosted by Art Academy of Latvia. Application deadline: Sep 1st, 2021

Study Period:                           winter semester
Time frame:                             18th October. – 29th October 2021
Language:                                English
Workshop led by:                    Lec. Atis Jakobsons
ECTS:                                        3 credit points
Number of students:              3 student per academy
Place:                                        Art Academy of Latvia
Application deadline:             1/9/2021 to the student’s home university

Topic of the workshop: Personal Mythology. A Journey within.

Personal Mythology. Using Ritual, Dreams, and Imagination to Discover Your Inner Story. Each and every one of us grapples with our own highly personal mythology-the psychic force that allows us to weave the fragments of our experience into coherent story. These mythologies shape our every thought, perception, and action, helping us to feel safe and secure in our identities. By explorations of the primordial momentum of creation (both, in art and reality), in the process of making art we will aspire to maintain utmost purity and intuitive approach, nonetheless whilst blurring boundaries between subject and object, impossible and ordinary, human and divine, as well as materiality and concept. Exploring the interest in the ways how contemporary art and spirituality can be combined in one’s personal life and creative work. Aim is to search for ancient spiritual practices in different territories – paganic, shamanic, witchcraft, different religious practices and testimonies, and to find the ways how they are still present in our contemporary mindset.

Content of the workshop:

to create a series of sketches and finished work, can be painting, drawing, etc., which represent participants inner path, as a guide to connect with ones subconscious mind and infinite fields of imagination and creativity. Finding the individual language, through conversations, discussions, various methods, creating a fertile ground for creative thinking, formulation of ideas.

Project components:

  1. Sketches of the idea.
  2. One or more finished paintings.
  3. Description of the concept.