Open Call for Express Course – Sculpture – Creative expansion. A gift from Budapest, Rome, Dresden to Riga.


Hosted by Art Academy of Latvia. Application deadline: Sep 1st, 2021

Study Period:                        winter semester
Time frame:                          18th October. – 29th October 2021
Language:                              English
Workshop led by:                  Prof. Gļebs Panteļejevs
ECTS:                                      3 credit points
Number of students:            2 students per academy
Place:                                      Art Academy of Latvia, sculpture workshop at Avotu Street 36, Riga.
Application deadline:           1/9/2021 to the student’s home university

Topic of the workshop: Creative expansion. A gift from Budapest, Rome, Dresden to Riga.

Expansion is a very broad and comprehensive concept, a fundamental way and condition of existence. Any form of life is a constant expansion physical and mental. As a growing organism expands in space, as it develops spiritually, we expand into the spiritual space. The work of an artist is an expansion by definition; we fill the world around us with our works.

Content of the workshop:

To create a sketch of a sculpture for the urban environment of Riga within 2 Week Composition course. The work would symbolize the universal essence of art and the synergy of the Hungarian, German, Italian and Latvian art students and must be intended for installation in the urban environment of Riga in the place chosen by the author.

Project components:

  1. Sketch of the work (free media and material, size within 50X50X50 cm)
  2. Visualization of the work in the Riga urban environment.
  3. Description of the concept.