Open Call for Express Course – Graphic art – FIRST IMAGING – The expansion and graphic transformation of the photographic image*

Hosted by Hungarian University of Fine Arts. Application deadline: Sep 1st, 2021

Study Period:                           winter semester
Time Frame:                            15 – 26th of November, 2021
Language:                                 English
Lecturer:                                   Andrea SZILÁK, WP3 research fellow / Bianka DOBÓ, assistant lecturer / József SZURCSIK, Associate Professor, Head of Department Responsible for the Specialisation in Graphic Art / Magdolna VÉKÁS, external lecturer
Department:                             Graphics Department
ECTS:                                         3 credit points
Number of students:               4 students / partner institution
Format:                                      intensive, 2-week-long studio-based practice course
Location:                                    Budapest, main building of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts & Strawberry Garden, outside in the city
Selection process:                   Please send us a portfolio and a motivation letter
Requirements:                          There are no prerequisites to participate in the course. As the time frame is limited, we kindly ask you to consider the technique you wish to use, and you are familiar with. The selection of workshops are listed below. In case you feel like trying out something new, we are also eager to help to pursue your goals.
Materials & Tools:                    Any means for taking photography: camera (digital, analogue), polaroid, mobile phone, etc. and any preferred personal equipment. Within the workshops, we provide all tools and materials for printing.

Application deadline:              1/9/2021 to the student’s home university

Workshops available:

etching, lithography, screen-printing, digital printing, photography, external facilities on

request. Possibilities to make combined techniques, unique prints, frottage, archaic techniques within the photography workshop e.g. cyanotype – agrotype process, analogue photo development or merge all the wished techniques in a zine.

Course Description:

The theme of the course circulates around memory and reflection: the abstraction of an event, an impression processed by the mechanism of the mind and the senses. We invite students from the partner universities to take part in our 2-week workshop, organized by the Graphics Department. Dealing with the aforementioned notions, our process will stem from an initial photographic formulation, which will be restructured through a “second imaging”, complementing the initial work with the quality of various printmaking methods.

Our work will start by taking walks in the city and within the university building, providing the students with insights concerning life in Budapest and the University. After collecting the materials, discussions will

take place to find the suitable method that supports the idea and the technical qualification of each student. During this process, the help of the tutors and the leaders of the workshops will be available. The method serves as a suggested, general framework but does not serve as a border for individual ideas and experimentation. We aim to provide the students the possibility to enrichen their practice with a graphic work of high-standard and a souvenir of an unforgettable experience from Budapest. The work phase will be accompanied by lectures by the professors of HUFA and guest lecturers, as well as presentations by students and alumni. Also, leisure gatherings with each other and museum visits will be included in the programme.

*Please note that in case of a pandemic situation the schedule and the conditions of the whole programme