Open Call for Express Course – Sculpture – You Don`t play with your food?

Hosted by Dresden University of Fine Art. Application deadline: Sep 1st, 2021

Study Period:                          winter semester
Time Frame:                            1 November 2021 to 12 November 2021
Language:                                English
Workshop led by:                    Manuel Frolik
ECTS:                                        3 credit points
Number of students:              2 students per academy
Materials:                                 provided
Application deadline:             1/9/2021 to the student’s home university

Topic of the Workshop: You Don`t play with your food?

Artists always have been inspired by food. From the stone age cave painters to the Dutch Baroque still lifes of fruits and vegetables till 1960s Eat Art.

During the long 20th century artists started to use food in their works to set political, economic or social statements. They’ve opened restaurants as art projects, conducted performances in which food is prepared and served, and crafted elaborate sculptures from edible materials like milk and honey. Nowadays, food can be considered a common material in contemporary art practice.

The workshop will give a brief history of food in art. We will have a look at selected positions that deal with the topic today. We will visit the Dresden State Art Collection to find culinary delicacies and we will get to know some Saxon specialties like “Dresdner Eierschecke” or “Christstollen”.

During the two weeks every Student should create a work of art in connection with food. There are no limitations in the way to do so. Feel free to bring some specialties of your home or find your source material on the Farmers market here in Dresden. The resulting works will be presented in an exhibition or dinner at the end of the workshop.

Manuel Frolik is a visual artist and currently a professor for sculpture at the HfBK Dresden.

Two art history seminars (theory and excursions) led by art historian Susanne Altmann will take place over the weekend: Printmaking as an Artistic and Social Medium and Typography and Graphic Design as Visual Art, in which all participants are invited to take part.