EU4Art exhibition ‘Memories See Us / Vol. 2’

On 15 February, the Art Academy of Latvia will open the exhibition ‘Memories See Us / Vol. 2’, which will feature works by students from the art academies of Rome, Dresden and Budapest.

Last autumn, the partner institutions of the EU4Art Alliance organised student work exhibitions on the theme of memory. The artists reflected on important aspects of historical events and their interpretations, as well as explored the phenomenon of fictional memories. This year, the project launches its second phase with a series of exchange exhibitions. The AAL will exhibit works by students from the art academies of Rome, Dresden and Budapest, while works by ALL students will be on show at the Dresden Art Academy.

The work by students from Dresden and Rome focuses on recollection as an individual and collective activity: how people remember, how memories shape the individual, create dialogue, and affect various societal processes. The students’ works explore a wide variety of phenomena: from childhood memories and travel notes to memories of various socially accepted cultural practices. The works of the students from Budapest, on the other hand, delve into philosophy, contemplating the French thinker Charles Fourier’s idea of ‘phalanges’ and the concepts of present, past and future freedom in the poem ‘The Tragedy of Man’ by the Hungarian writer Imre Madács. 


Academy of Fine Arts of RomeMarco Agostini, Roberto Maria Lino, Rozhin Tayarani Yousefabadi, Matteo Patrevita, Antonella Fiorillo, Stefano Borgi, Victor Albano, Gloria Zeppilli, Alex Fanelli

Dresden Academy of Fine ArtsPatryk Kujawa, Mira Friedrich, Ana Pireva, Isabell Alexandra Meldner, Michael Merkel

Hungarian University of Fine ArtsKürti Madlen Mirjam, Kozma Lilla, Pataki Luca

Exhibition opening hours
15/02/ 2022 – 04/03/2022
Art Academy of Latvia
Kalpaka Boulevard 13
Weekdays from 11:00 – 18:00
Break: 14:30 – 15:00
Free admission

The exhibition is part of the international EU4Art project of the alliance of art universities, which was started in 2019. The long-term goal of the project is to strengthen fine arts study programmes in the Member States of the European Union. The EU4Art Art Alliance is composed of four art universities – the Academies of Rome, Dresden, Budapest and Latvia. The main objective of the project is to harmonise fine arts curricula in painting, sculpture and graphic arts so that in the future students can obtain an international diploma by combining studies in several EU countries, which will contribute to the international competitiveness of European universities.

Exhibition supports by Erasmus+, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia and Embassy of Hungary.