FilmEU_RIT Summit 2022: Dialogue on Artistic Research between EU4ART & FilmEU


In June 2022, EU4ART joined the second annual summit organised by FilmEU in Dublin. FilmEU is a European Universities Alliance for Film and Media Arts. The overarching theme of this year’s FilmEU Summit is Environmental Sustainability in Film Education and the wider Film and Media Arts Industries. EU4ART and FilmEU are the only two European Universities Alliances that focus on the broad field of Artistic Research, underscoring the importance of our dialogue. You can read more about the FilmEU project here.

Speakers from the EU4ART Alliance—Till Ansgar Baumhauer, Manuel Macía, and Franco Ripa di Meana—joined the FilmEU_RIT Summit to present the EU4ART and EU4ART_differences projects and initiatives. We engaged in a fruitful dialogue with members of the FilmEU Alliance, focusing on Artistic Research.

Overall, the FilmEU Summit showcases the development of the Alliance and disseminates working results with the academic community. The dialogue between EU4ART and FilmEU focused on synergies and shared interests between the Alliances. We discussed future collaborations and common agenda points around Artistic Research and societal impact, in light of the framework of the FilmEU_RIT (Research, Innovation & Transformation).

You can watch the live stream recording on FilmEU’s YouTube feed here. More information on the event you will find here.