Visit to Athens and Tirana

The delegation from the partner universities paid a presentation visit to the two new candidate institutions in the framework of the EU4ART joint education project. If the European Commission’s call for proposals for further funding, launched in January, is successful, the Athens (ASFA) and Tirana (UART) art universities will join the consortium led by the Hungarian University of Fine Arts as full partners.

After discussions with the leaders of the University of Athens, we travelled to Tirana to visit the Albanian partner institution. In Tirana, in the presence of the press and media, a meeting was held with the management of the University to discuss the details of the accession and to introduce the current partners of the Alliance. Afterwards, we gave a presentation to an audience of about 200 people on the current state of EU4ART, the principles of joint education and the testing of the upcoming EU4ART Summer School, which will be jointly organised in April at the MKE Art Campus in Tihany, where we will also host students and teachers from the two new partner universities.

Broadcast of the EU4ART visit at the University of Arts Tirana:

EU4ART delegation

ABARoma• Claudio Libero Pisano, Curator and Professor of Museology, Head of the School of Communication and Enhancement of Contemporary Artistic Heritage
HfBK Dresden• Prof. Oliver Kossak, Rector,• Barbara Wille, Vice Rector, Professor of Sculpture• Kristin Marek, Professor of Theoretical Teaching, History of Art• Kattrin Michel, Stage Setting and Costume Design• Stefanie Wenner, Professor of Applied Theatre Studies and Production Dramaturgy
HUFA• Prof. István Erős, Rector• László Lelkes, Vice-Rector, Associate Professor of Graphic Design• Ferenc Józsa, EU4ART Project Manager, Head of Project Office• Ágnes Rozmann, EU4ART Alliance Content Manager, Associate Professor of Graphic Design
Our Hosts

At ASFA– Athens School of Fine Arts• Prof. Nikolaos Tranos, Rector• Foteini Zika, Vice-Rector of Research and Lifelong Learning and President of the Research Committee• George Charvalias, Vice Rector of Economic Affairs, Professor• Sofia Denissi, Directrice of Theory and History of Arts Dpt, Professor• Erato Chatzisavva, Directrice of Fine Arts Dpt & ASFA project team member, Associate professor• Vassiliki Betsou, Assistant professor, Content management of ASFA project team• Poka-yio, Associate professor, ASFA project team member• Nikolaos Apostolou, Administrative staff, lawyer• Maria Mironi, Administrative and Financial Expert of Erasmus+ mobility projects• Lila Kogou, Financial expert, administrative staff of Special Account for Research Grants
At UART– University of Arts Tirana• Prof. Kastriot Caushi, Rector• Prof. Dr Erald Bakalli, Vice-rector for the Studies• Prof. Artan Peqini, Dean of the Fine Arts Faculty• Petraq Papa, Vice Dean of the Fine Arts Faculty• Dr Mikel Temo, Head of the Painting Department• Dr Ermir Hoxha, Head of the Applied Arts Department• Prof. Sadik Spahia, Head of the Sculpture Department• Prof. Petrit Malaj, Dean of the Drama Faculty• Prof. Assoc. Alert Celoaliaj, Head of the Theatre Directing, Film Directing & TV Department• Prof. Pjeter Guralumi, Responsible for Cooperation Projects Unit, Erasmus+ Programme Coordinator