EU4ART Solo Cinema


Open Call for Video Works and Short Films until 25th April 2021 As online exhibitions became common and one of the few possible formats of art presentation throughout the lockdown, artists increasingly started working in the medium of time based art such as video or short film. With the EU4ART ‘SOLO CINEMA‘ we would like […]

Student’s meeting – Tradition

The EU4Art Student Board is organizing an Open meeting on 16th March, from 6 pm (CET), via Zoom.We would like to invite students from all the four universities of the Alliance. The goal for this Open Meeting is to get to know each other more and have an interesting evening talk together.Our topic is going […]

#8 Beyond arts vs. crafts, exploring a contemporary framework for lacquer painting

Online Lecture with Phi Phi Oanh (VN) | Material Method Meaning – Online Series Sơn ta, a resinous substance extracted from the Rhus Succedanea tree native to North Viet Nam, has been collected and processed artisanally since ancient times. Traditionally, the resin was used to cover the wood of everyday objects and of the interior […]