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General information

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EU4ART Alliance support the exchange of experience among students in and through the fine arts in order to help emerging artists and to foster innovation and unpredictability on all levels relevant to the arts and its influence on society in the European Union (EU). Within the alliance students have the opportunity to develop a range of practical and creative skills and gain valuable experience of entering exhibitions, competitions and building up a portfolio of work. In all the partner institutions the conditions in the art workshops and studios are unique. The technical facilities vary, and the courses available to students bear the hallmarks of a specific history and institutional development. Beyond similarities artistic processes prioritise the exploitation of a diverse approaches and opportunities for technical implementation. EU4ART Alliance offers a range of ways for students to cooperate across languages, borders and disciplines for generating new thinking how to address societal challenges faced in EU. For more information about opportunities to be part of the project, please contact your local EU4ART Alliances Offices.

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Art Academy of Latvia


Hungarian University of Fine Arts

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Dresden University of Fine Arts


Academy of Fine Arts of Rome

Hungarian University of Fine Arts

Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma

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Dresden University of Fine Arts


Art Academy of Latvia



EU4ART Alliance team has a large number of experts in visual arts and programs of study such as Sculpture, Painting and Graphic Art. Discover them here.
Marta Silvi

Marta Silvi

PhD, Art historian, professor and independent curator. Regular contributor for Artforum International and Flash Art Italia

madara kvēpa

Madara Kvēpa

Graduate student of painting. Madara specialises in working across mediums, incorporating painting, photography and installations. She has participated in various local projects and exhibitions.


Sabīne Vernere

Artist and director of the experimental art space “Pilot”. Sabīne has participated in and organised numerous creative projects.

Photo: Andris Teikmanis

Andris Teikmanis, Phd

Art historian and Professor. Andris teaches visual art semiotics and research methodology.


Kristians Brekte

Artist, scenographer and associate professor. Kristians has received awards and international recognition for his works. He teaches courses on painting.

Giulia Palazzi

Giulia Palazzi

Sub project manager assistant and administrative and financial expert for the project implementation at national and international level

Beatrice Peria

Beatrice Peria

WP2-WP3 Coordinator in the EU4art project

Art historian specialized in Venetian Painting of the XVI century and professor of History of Art.

mario felici

Mario Felici

Communication and Graphic Design expert for WP5 project and Professor of Lettering 

Tiziana D'Acchille

Tiziana D’Acchille

WP1-WP5 coordinator

Professor of Artistic Anatomy, Art historian, former Director of Accademia di Belle Arti of Rome

Veronica Piraccini

Veronica Piraccini

Artist and professor of Painting. She works with original painting techniques she has invented and she is interested in experimenting with pigments


Giorgio Ceccotti

Freelance industrial & product designer. His operating philosophy leads him to choose natural materials and recycled ones and to focuse on eco-design

Marilena Sutera

Marilena Sutera

Artist and professor of Engraving and Screen Printing Techniques, she is always exploring new forms of expression, as videos, artist books and performances