EU4ART Mentoring System Symposium: Real experiences Round-up

September 21, 2022

3:30 pm

Museo di Palazzo Grimani


During their stay in the picturesque city of Venice visiting the 59th edition of La Biennale, the EU4ART Mentors will meet in the suggestive frame of the Museo di Palazzo Grimani to discuss their experiences about collaborating on the project. 

After a brief refresh about the basics of the Mentoring System and its most relevant outcomes, we move on to analyzing the data collected through an online survey. Current and former students were in fact asked to submit their feedback regarding their involvement as Mentors, answering questions about their role, their relationship with their Mentee/s, the issues that may have come up, and finally about any suggestions they might want to share.

All this information is the input we need for the resulting round table, where a real conversation among the participating Mentors can start, fueled by the sharing of anecdotes and experiences, debating pros and cons of what has been done by the network so far, and what could be in store for the future of the EU4ART Mentoring System.


 Welcome and Introduction

  What is EU4ART – Angelica Speroni

Who is a Mentor? – Ginevra Gori

The Mentees and their extra-curricular experiences – Ilaria De Sanctis 


Online Survey Results: discussing together the Mentors’ answers 


ROUND TABLE (all Mentors welcome to join the conversation!)