March 19, 2021

10:00 am

Online symposium held by ABAROMA and curated by BEATRICE PERIA and MARCO RINALDI

19.3.2021 – 10:00 AM

In the framework of EU4ART project will be introduced the state of work of the multilingual art dictionary on which members of ABAROMA, HUFA, HfBK and LMA are working.

The dictionary is a collection of two main terms groups, Poiesis and Praxis, separated for convenience, but intimately connected to each other in the daily didactic activity of Fine Arts Universities.

Language is a fundamental tool of understanding, learning and cultural integration: this is the reason why this tool is being realized aimed primarily at students and teachers, who will take part to mobilities among the four institutions of the project. Even if nowadays English represents the
common language, the multilingual dictionary keeps domestic expressions, slangs and definitions from the four languages: Italian, Hungarian, German and Latvian.

This tool will be useful in the enhancement of cultural and linguistic differences as in the implementation of a more complete communication and mutual understanding in the art realm.
At the Symposium there will be speeches by staff members, who will present several issues linked to the dictionary, and artists who will talk about keywords of their artistic work and didactic activity.


  • 10.00 AM chair MARCO RINALDI

  • CECILIA CASORATI – Director of Academy of Fine Arts Rome
    Institutional Greetings

  • TIZIANA D’ACCHILLE – Academy of Fine Arts Rome
    EU4ART Project

  • MARCO RINALDI – PhD, Academy of Fine Arts Rome
    Sticking Needle into Bottom of the
    Sea: Reasons of an Art Dictionary

  • BEATRICE PERIA – Academy of Fine Arts Rome
    Why Poiesis?

  • FRANCISKA SZABÓ – Hungarian University of Fine Arts
    On Methodology: collecting and working on practice-based Art Terms

  • DÁNIEL HORVÁTH – Hungarian University of Fine Arts
    A Glimpse into the Language of the Studios: the Workshop Slang

Coffee break (15 min)

  • SERGIO SARRA – Academy of Fine Arts Rome
    Studio Visit

  • ALESSANDRA PORFIDIA – Academy of Fine Arts Rome
    The Experience into Sculpture: a Dialogue with Words and the physical Matter

  • PIETRO ROCCASECCA – Academy of Fine Arts Rome
    Langue, Parole et Choses: Borrowings and Re-Borrowings in the artistic Discourse

    Terminology Management made simple by Tilde Term

Question time

Lunch break (60 min)

  • 2.00 PM chair BEATRICE PERIA

  • BRIGITTA DÓCZI – PhD, Eötvös Lóránd University
    ÁDÁM ALBERT – Hungarian University of Fine Arts
    Visual Art and English

  • ANTRA PRIEDE – Art Academy of Latvia
    The Heritage of forbidden visual Art Terms

  • ELISE BEUTNER – Dresden Academy of Fine Arts
    On Multilingualism in European Universities

  • Artists and Words
    • Gianni Dessì
    • H. H. Lim
    • Pasquale Polidori
    • Luana Perilli
    • Marina Bindella
    • Myriam Laplante
    • Paolo Canevari

Question time

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