HFBK Dresden Diploma Exhibition 2020

September 26, 2020

5:00 pm

As every year, the diploma exhibition brings together different positions and artistic media in the Corona Year 2020. The classical media such as painting range from realistic portraits to the extension of the picture into the room. In the sculptural works, the trend away from the individual form towards additive arrangements involving various media continues. Since the appointment of professorship of Carsten Nicolai, and with the influence of guest professors Susan Philipsz and Nevin Aladag, the show has been enriched by sound works and performances that interpret the sound spreading out in space as a pictorial element.
The 36 diploma students of this year’s class are concerned with analogue traditional craftsmanship techniques as well as with digitally generated images. With their works they react to an increasingly complex world with its problems, distortions and beauty, without allowing art to become pure illustration.

36 diploma students: Robert Czolkoß Teresa Ellinger Jonas Felix Engelhardt Felix Ermacora Leo-Constantin Fischer Sergej Funke Deborah Geppert Nadine Glas Annika Greschke Simon Hillme Julia Sophia Johansson Alexios Karasavvas Karla Krey Viktoria Kurnicki Katsiaryna Matsesha Sol Namgung Eleonora Nanu Caroline Petri Christopher Putbrese Philipp Putzer Katina Rank Erika Richter Hannah Schaffran Stefan Schleupner Olivia Schneider Willy Schulz Theresa Sellmann Ronja Sommer Janina Stach Agnes Wrobel Hamidreza Yaraghchi Janek Zemke Lea Zepf Tillmann Ziola

Exhibition period: 26 September – 1 November 2020
Opening hours: Tue – Sun 11 – 18 hrs
Place: Oktogon. Art Gallery of the HfBK Dresden
Georg-Treu-Platz 1, 01067 Dresden

Type: Project

Tags: Outputs, Insights

Type: exhibition