Online Symposium “How to Show – How to Keep”

Online Symposium

January 18, 2022

6:30 pm

18/1/2022 – 20/01/2022

Documentation of Artistic Works and Exhibitions

The symposium, organised by HfBK Dresden and its international partners in the EU4ART alliance, will deal with the documentation and archiving of exhibitions in the context of academic teaching and take place from 18/1/2022-20/1/2022. How can exhibitions be made accessible across geographical and temporal boundaries? What impact can artistic works have on the nature of documentation?

Representatives from the four alliance universities in Budapest, Riga, Rome and Dresden and their associated partners will share strategies, methods and experiences with students, teachers and guests.

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subject: “Participation Symposium”

Type: Symposium

Tags: art academy, EU4ART, exhibition, HfBK Dresden, online