as far as I can remember

In the fall 2021, the four EU4ART partner academies hosted exhibitions of work by students from their own academies under the common roof theme of “Memory”. In January and February 2022, the exhibitions from the four cities will travel to the partners.

REVIEW. Regional Exhibition at the Dresden University if Fine Arts.

as far as I can remember showed the reflections of young artists on remembering as an individual or collective act and process. What is remembered and what remains in memory? How does memory shape me, us, and do I, do we shape it? The works represent a wide range of aspects – from memories of childhood in another country to rituals of public memory culture.


To this end, the first part of the exhibition “as far as I can remember” opened at the College of Fine Arts on November 11, 2021 with thirteen works – painting and drawing, installation, photography and as well as a performance.

With works by Lea Corves, Robert Czolkoß, Mona Freudenreich, Mira Friedrich, Stefanie Hollerbach, Patryk Kujawa, Alex Lüders, Isabell Meldner Michael Merkel, Josef Panda, Ana Pireva, Georg Ruppelt, Yeung Song, Ivy Tanit, Katharina Wilhelm and Tillmann Ziola.


In Dresden, the second part of as far as I can remember opened on Jan. 20, 2022 at 6 p.m. at Galerie auf der Brühlschen Terrasse with positions by students from Riga, Rome and Budapest and Dresden:

Egons Perševics, Kintija Avena, Aura Monsalve, Simon Bacco, Laima Graždanoviča, Anete Grīnberga, Eleonora Matozzi, Chiara De Gol, Maria Giovanna Sodero, Gloria Zeppili, Karen Ortega, Simone Bacco, Lisa Glauser, Lilla Kozma, Luca Pataki, Zoltán Visnyai, Lea Corves, Mona Freudenreich, Isabell Meldner, Yeun Song, Ivy Tanit, Katharina Wilhelm, Tillmann Ziola.

The works of the entire exhibition can still be accessed via website