EU4ART Short Term Workshop of Graphic Art “Lithographic Transfer Using Transfer Paper and Techniques for Further Work on the Stone”

From 1 to 12 November 2021, short-term workshops took place at HfBK Dresden as part of the EU4ART project. Students from the EU4ART university alliance, consisting of the art academies in Budapest, Dresden, Riga and Rome had the opportunity to participate in workshops on graphics, painting and sculpture. The courses were accompanied by a theoretical portion led by art historian Susanne Altmann.

The graphic workshop Lithographic Transfer Using Transfer Paper and Techniques for Further Work on the Stone led by Peter Hofmann (Lithography Workshop) and Swiss artist Ernst Hanke focused on the theme of transfer printing and subsequent further work on the stone.

Some participants first drew on transfer paper. The use of transfer paper allows the image to be printed as drawn. If you draw directly on stone, for example, you must always keep in mind that the result is mirror-inverted.

Over the course of the two weeks, the focus shifted to colour and multicolour printing. Artist Ernst Hanke showed participants how to handle colour in this regard and how to implement and achieve anything with colour. For example, several colours were printed in one printing process – including colour gradients – and different colours were printed several times in succession. Negative conversions were also made: the stones were first printed as drawn; then the black was reversed to white or the white to black. This was a very attractive technique, as it gave a lot of scope for colour variation.