Pannonhalma 2021

The participants of the Spring 2021 EU4ART course of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts created a site-specific installation in the baroque Chapel of the Assumption of Our Lady of the Assumption during three-day fieldwork (27-29 August 2021) in the framework of the Arcus Temporum Festival of the Pannonhalma Abbey.

The location of the chapel and its sacral function provided the framework for the collaborative work: starting from the chapel and the staircase leading to it, the students created a temporary calvary.

The student groups connected the various stations of the Way of the Cross with mirrors which was inspired by the organist’s rear-view mirror used to follow the services. Alongside the mirrors, personal mementos and binding materials brought by the students created a link between each station, while also referring to the 2021 call to Remembrance, the watchword of Pannonhalma’s cultural program.
The participants used an artistic heritage interpretation method (the Baroque chapel, visited by few, was made visible through an art ensemble), with important methodological elements: group work, educational facilitation, non-hierarchical exchange of ideas, opinions, and execution, consistently argued in the creative process.

Project leader: József MÉLYI 

Mentors: Margit KOLLER , Júlia SALAMON , Andrea SZILÁK ,  Patrick TAYLER

Students: Vanda BURJÁN , Dóra CSAPÓ , Dominika DRÓTOS , Ágnes KESZEGH ,  Lilla KOZMA, Marcell MAROSFALVI, Dominika MÁRTON, Írisz PAPP,  Luca PATAKI, Mira SIMONYI-LENGYEL, Réka SCHELL, Emma TELEKI, Tímea URBANTSOK