Workshop ‘From Ambrogio Lorenzetti to the new millennium’

The workshop started with the visit to the Siena Cathedral that offered the opportunity to the guests to discover the multifarious artistic aspects of the monument with an emphasis on the spectacular inlaid marble mosaic floor.
At the Palazzo Pubblico where Lorenzetti’s The Allegory of Good and Bad Government is located, the visitors had the occasion to see the undisputed 14th-century fresco masterpiece that constituted the starting point of this workshop. 

Professor Scolamiero presented the traditional procedure of making colors using Arabic gum and pure pigments and the participants made their own colors that were later used in the drawing sessions. Professor Capogrosso provided the group with knowledge about Frottage and its historical origins. Using Frottage, the participants wandered the city, captured parts of it, and brought them back to their countries of origin.

In the territory of the hilly complex of the Montagnola Senese, Professor Fusi guided the exploration of the Galardi Brothers’ Marble Laboratory where the participants discovered not only the traditional marble processing but also the particular characteristics of the Yellow Siena Marble.  

At the Abbey of Monte Oliveto Maggiore that stands atop the Crete Senese, the group leapt at the chance to observe both Luca Signorelli’s thirty-six fresco Scenes from the Life of St Benedict and the magnificent intarsia and wood inlays made by the Sienese masters explained professor D’Acchille.
The participants drew en plein air on a number of occasions, shared experiences, and spent travel time together.

The workshop activities concluded with Professor Serino’s lecture on The Allegory of Good and Bad Government analyzed in depth its historical context, its pictorial contrast, and its symbolic imagery.

“If I had to choose one word – phenomenal. What we experienced is priceless. Not only did we get to seek into every little corner of historic cities and see the culture, but also we made lifetime-worthy friendships. I have learnt from all students’ ups and downs in their art journeys, as well as I have shared my experiences. We have to see each other again.”
Roberts Brastins
Student at the Art Academy of Latvia

“This workshop, in addition to the possibility to visit a place of great historical and artistic importance, allowed me to confront myself with people from different cultures that have similar artistic interests with me. This experience was exceptionally useful as it broadened my knowledge of different forms of culture.”
Tiberiu Carp
Student at the Academy of Fine Arts of Rome

“It was beautiful to breathe again, after two years of being locked in the house. Living this experience, drawing, learning, and knowing the world again was like feeling free for the first time.”
Anna Natalia Reali 
Student at the Academy of Fine Arts of Rome

“What I experienced as a participant in the workshop completely exceeded my expectations. First, the discourse on the Italian art heritage was clarifying both in historical and symbolic terms. It was also a close-up of specific art materials, traditions, and techniques which added a vivid resonance to what I am looking for in my work and artistic practice. Not to mention the absolutely incredible connection among the international students and the warm and welcoming reception from the host.”
Elina Zunde
Professor at the Art Academy of Latvia

“It was wonderful! I really enjoyed the exchange and learned a lot, it was a lot of fun!”
Lea Tofahrn
Student at the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts

“The workshop in Siena was really a one-of-a-kind experience that I won’t forget. I couldn’t imagine a better way to soak up the history and culture of Italy or at least a part of it. Everything from the magnificent Siena Duomo to the Ambrogio Lorenzetti’s fresco in Palazzo Pubblico, to the Sienese badlands and the Montagnola marble, has left a deep impression on me and has inspired me for more. Both fun and educational, it definitely has been the highlight of this year.”
Dzelde Ieva Mierkalne
Student at the Art Academy of Latvia

“This workshop has been an awesome experience. We had the possibility to get in touch with students from different contexts while learning about Siena’s culture and art. Thanks to some exclusive opportunities such as guided visits to the major art centers of the city or the visit to the traditional marble lab, we had the chance to experience the truest of Tuscany’s traditions.”
Patrizio Volpini
Student at the Academy of Fine Arts of Rome

“This trip was an absolute blast! Very well organized and with a great itinerary. I learnt a lot and the group was fantastic! The only thing I would like to criticize is that we had little time for drawing/painting/frottage practice as a group, like the drawing session we had at the Tuscan landscape. This was such a nice experience but a little too short. “
Patrick Hermann
Student at the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts

“First of all, I was overwhelmed by how welcoming and understanding you were. Moreover, I am thankful that you were so concerned with giving us the best experience possible. After all, I gathered experiences that were unique and impossible to gain if it wasn’t for the EU4ART project. The short-term visit was the perfect format for me, as I work part-time in Germany I am not able to stay abroad for too long… also it was intense and concentrated in a very positive way. I collected patterns, painting and fresco details, names of places that I want to revisit and I met some of the most enjoyable people I have ever had the pleasure to talk to. I feel connected with you and my fellow students and I am going to apply for a study program for sure if there will be one next year because I want to maintain that panoramic view to reflect upon my work. Until then I wish you all the best with your own projects and hope to see you again.”
Lars Lambrecht
Student at the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts