EU4ART Short Term Workshop of Sculpture “Sculpture on Sustainability and Inclusion” [GALLERY]

The main body of the workshop was unfolded around the relationship between art and nature. Throughout the two-week workshop, the professor followed the artistic production of the students and assisted them to realize their artworks made exclusively from natural materials incorporating the idea of sustainability in art.

In Japan there is a saying that goes “the one living in the lighthouse doesn’t see the light”, and I realized how beautiful and lucky I was to be living in a city full of art.
Mitsuki Akiyama
Academy of Fine Arts of Rome

I really appreciated the experience of a different approach, thinking as a group about one topic and letting the personal concept develop.
Mira Friedrich
HfBK Dresden

I learned to create a project within just a few days and try out different techniques thanks to the materials available.
Isabell Meldner
HfBK Dresden

The intense and demanding workshop proved to be a wonderful experience from a human point of view, having given me the opportunity to meet students from other institutions.
Silvia Forniti
Academy of Fine Arts of Rome

It was a great opportunity to see natural cults in signs and symbols also in the Italian context and relate them with Latvian pagan culture.
Zane Uzulena
Art Academy of Latvia