EU4ART Short Term Workshop of Painting “4th floor & Procida island” [GALLERY]

The first week of the “4th Floor & Procida Island” workshop took place at the Academy of Fine Arts of Rome and commenced with the lecture of Professor Lorenzo Bruni entitled “Contro l’impegno?”, a title borrowed from the homonymous book of the literary critic Walter Siti. During his lecture, Professor Bruni systematically analysed the tendency of contemporary art towards social, political and moral issues.

Interesting was the fact that there was such a theoretical and philosophical approach to the lectures and exercises rather than a more practical one, as I was used to. I would really suggest anyone to participate in this or similar EU4ART projects.
Eriks Caune
Art Academy of Latvia

One great aspect from the program: friendship between different countries and cultures.
Enrico Lugari
Academy of Fine Arts of Rome

The structure of the workshop was absolutely well organized with an interesting course schedule. At first I honestly thought: PAINTING? Well, I must have been fallen into a trap. No painting in week one. But listening and talking a looooot about the reception and possible concepts of ‘art‘. Talking so much about these central issues of practice and stance of an artist was refreshing for my mind.
The contrasting 2nd week in Procida – an island near Naples – was inspiring, too. But in quite another way: it was more like a sensual experience – getting in contact with our environment(s), getting to know it, being connected to it, feeling it.

Jana Lütkewitte
HfBK Dresden

I am really grateful for this life-changing experience.
To be totally honest, after these 2 weeks at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma, I can say it would be my dream to come back for the long mobility program or to apply for Masters in this Academy.

Elizabete Patricija Erdmane
Art Academy of Latvia

I had never done all these things before and it was extremely interesting to me, this experience expanded my horizons, experiences and feelings. It was like changing perspectives.
Gunta Lante
Art Academy of Latvia

It was an amazing experience, and I would recommend it to every artist I know – meeting artists (or art students) from other countries helps to put your small world in perspective.
Signija Joce
Art Academy of Latvia