Final exhibition of the first funding phase “Transitioning”

International exhibition of the European University Alliance EU4ART featuring artistic works by students from Budapest, Dresden, Riga, and Rome art universities.

EU4ART is exploring collaboration avenues that have not previously been explored by art universities in this format. Through the alliance’s offer, students can study internationally in a very comprehensive and structured manner. They play a prominent role in the “Europan Universities”: the younger generations are to be involved in didactic conceptions and developments from the start, according to the bottom-up principle. This approach distinguishes the EU4ART program and makes it particularly dynamic.

EU4ART is one of 41 “European Universities” in total. There is only one alliance of art universities and one of film academies at the moment. We would like to discuss with you and the exhibition visitors why art universities are important for debates on education, knowledge, and social development, as well as the future in Europe, in the context of a press preview in the Octagon of the HfBK Dresden.

The exhibition “Transitioning,” which will open on May 5, 2022, at 7 p.m. in the presence of the Minister President of the State of Saxony, Michael Kretschmer, and the Lord Mayor of the State Capital Dresden, Dirk Hilbert, reflects this and demonstrates the benefits of international collaboration in the context of teaching and studying.

We invite you to participate in these debates not only theoretically and digitally, but also sensually, in the international exhibition “Vom Überschreiten/Transitioning.” The pandemic has demonstrated the value of analog and sensory experiences in education.

Learn more about our alliance at the press preview:

5 May 2022 at 11 a.m.

Oktogon, Art Gallery of the HfBK Dresden


01067 Dresden

The alliance universities’ rectors, students, and curators will be your discussion partners.

“European Universities” are university alliances funded with 6 million Euros through the ERASMUS + programme, with the goal of combining the strengths and diversity of European research and teaching in new structures to meet the challenges that Europe faces today. In Germany, the DAAD provides an additional 250,000 euros per year to these alliances.


From May 6 to June 19, 2022, the international exhibition of the four partner academies in Budapest, Dresden, Riga, and Rome will display artistic positions of students.

The term “transitioning” refers to a movement. It brings together social, spatial, and temporal dimensions. Transitioning entails broadening one’s horizons and thinking more deeply. In its temporal sense, it refers to leaving something behind that has outlived its usefulness. The exhibition brings together artistic approaches that cross boundaries, perhaps even pointing beyond themselves as a bridge from the past to the present and into the distant future.

In the broadest sense, the works deal with – Übergang – Transition – Passagio – Transizione – Átmenet – Pāreja. On the one hand, regional and traditional themes and forms influence their artistic expression. On the other hand, it evolves in global dialogue with current contemporary art trends.

Despite the Corona pandemic, EU4ART has completed a significant amount of work in the last two years. International digital lecture series were created, analog international workshops were held during the pandemic’s calmer phases, curricular strategies were advanced, and symposia and exhibition projects were carried out.

Furthermore, the project “EU4ART Differences” began in January 2021 with funding of 2.0 million Euro from the Horizon 2020 program and a term of three years, focusing primarily on the development of structures, content, and measures in the field of (artistic) research and the third cycle of studies.

In the new funding phase, which begins in November 2022, four more art universities will join the alliance: the Art Academy of Strasbourg (HEAR, La Haute École des Arts du Rhin) and Uniarts Helsinki will be the first to join (University of the Arts Helsinki). In November 2025, the alliance will be completed by two more partners from the South and East of Europe.


… promotes intensive collaboration in all disciplines of art through the realization of shared artistic projects, preserving and reinforcing its art-specific and local roots while searching for differences and commonalities in artistic practice education.

…focuses on joint artistic practices in common spaces, taking into consideration a variety of analogue and digital materials and resources, preserving, and opening them to meet future possibilities and requirements.

…offers a truly European study experience between joint and open curricula, building on the compatibility, differences and commonality of our curricular systems and contents, providing optimal support structures.

…explores and strengthens inter- and transdisciplinary developments and approaches in teaching as well as research, and with the notion of Workshop as space and method, it offers an experimental framework for these explorations.

…establishes a Network of Artistic Workshops and Practices for sharing and creating an understanding of traditional and contemporary artistic techniques, thought processes and methods for future development.

… creates a timely version of the formative experience of the young artists exploring Europe, its traditions and current art scenes by providing well-structured mobility opportunities.

…believes in widening the scope and range of its didactic and artistic offers to all of its students and greater society through innovative digital formats, thus constituting a unique inter-institutional campus that is open and attractive to its members and beyond.

…tackles today’s societal challenges and serves as an amplifier of European transformation, opening the minds of peopleby broadening the perspective through new aesthetics and creativity, transferring art-specific experiences into society and the economy.

… stands for independence and freedom as a foundation for the arts, education and science, empowering self-confident artists and critical thinkers guided by European values.

…is an international network emphasising synergies by supporting complementary skills, pooling artistic spaces and resources in order to optimise conditions for artistic practice and teaching, while relying on lean and effective governance in order to sustain the Alliance.

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