The summer internship of HUFA’s sculpture department was successful

After a three-year hiatus, the sculpture students were able to take possession of the artist colony in Tihany again for two weeks with great enthusiasm. The uniqueness of the artist colony was contributed by the fact that the students of the University of Rome and the University of Riga participated in the community work organized within the framework of the EU4ART European University Project. The specific program was based on a site-specific scale and use of materials, as it aimed to create site-specific installations.

The students worked in three groups, they had to design and create a larger-scale installation using the available materials, they could also use plastic, reed, hemp rope, wire, tree branches, and rebar for fastening. As a result, three large-scale works were created, one in the left wing of the sheepfold, and two outdoors in the grassy area overlooking Belső-tó. Not on purpose – since they were created independently and their designers chose their location – but the three cane sculptures can be strung on an imaginary axis, which, in addition to the use of materials, also connects the works spatially. layout.

The program realized with international participation is of particular importance at the university, as the event ended with excellent results both in terms of the quality of the finished works and the mental and physical work based on teamwork and thinking together. During this time, the first-year students completed the mandatory stone carving practice, got to know different materials and shaping processes, and tried different stone carving techniques with manual and machine work.

Lectures were given during the program, which tried to give the students guidance and starting points for designing installations, useful guides for stone carving, and to place their current, thematically related activities in a broader spectrum. In addition to the professional work, the delicious meals prepared together, the good wines, and the conversations lasting into the evening enriched the meaningful weeks with a great atmosphere.

We hope that next year we will have the opportunity to enjoy the possibilities offered by the fantastic artist colony!

Those interested can view the completed works throughout the summer. If the weather conditions allow them to remain intact for as long as possible, they will be visible even in autumn and winter.