Open Call “Stay Inside—Send Out”

OPEN CALL It is time to combine independent thought and creation processes to overcome social isolation and to reflect on current changes in social conditions. We can reclaim space from being overwhelmed by temporary structures. Let’s use analog and digital genres, materials and techniques to enter into exchange and to minimize travel. In this spirit, […]

Open Call “Our Windows”

OPEN CALLEU4ART – OUR WINDOWS 2020 >>>WHAT<<< The windows, like the real windows of a living room or like the virtual windows of the screens, have now become extremely important in our everyday life. The windows of the common rooms allow a view of the immediate surroundings and thereby collect our own experiences. The ubiquitous […]

Project Partners Meeting in Riga 3-5 March 2020

The second EU4ART Alliance project meeting took place from March 3-5, 2020 in Riga. Coordinated by the Art Academy of Latvia. AAL hosted project Partners from the Hungarian and Dresden Art Academies. The main topics of the partner meeting were:1.    Project partners presentations;2.    Group works with the aim to coordinate further steps between project […]